Affiche Millénium
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Titre original Millenium
Date de sortie 25/07/2014
Genre Epouvante, Thriller
Série Millénium
Réalisation Kevin Clark
Avec Nadya Suleman, Valerie Mya
Classement Meilleurs films de 2014

Synopsis Millénium

Vanessa, a documentary filmmaker, and she is making a film about folklore. Her best friend Brad was meant to help her, but he instead decides to go on a date with new love Jessica, who he met online. His new girlfriend persuades Vanessa to join him by telling her the house is haunted and would be a good subject for her film, but it turns out she has been lured into a trap and she is a creature from Hell. Quite how she will be impregnated by a female demon will be revealed in the movie.

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Principaux acteurs de Millénium

Nadya Suleman
Nadya Suleman
Valerie Mya
Valerie Mya
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